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We like technology and make things easier.
We make App because we love it!

Some of the best features Of Our App!

Easy Configuration

No sign Up, set up just your kindle mail and you are ready to go.

Extreme Security

User data stays in app local cache. Article and book conversion is made in cloud but it is anonymus.

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Send us your query anytime. We respond Quickly!
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Send Article to Kindle for a Better reading experience.

What Our Customers
Have to Say

This is AMAZING! I am able to download PDFs and ePUB files and use 'Send to Kindle' to convert the file and read it off of my Kindle Paperwhite. Best thing EVER!

Funciona excelente. Fundamental para llevar PDF a formato Kindle!

Great, easy-to-use, intuitive program. I use it for any pfds I want to send to my Kindle. It works much faster than just sending a normal pdf to your Kindle email address with "Convert" in the subject, which is the default way of doing it.

Simple yet effective! Love that it converts links very quickly and emails them to my Kindle. Only wish I could convert and email articles in bulk, rather than one by one. But otherwise does the job. The $2.49 is worth it to remove the ads and have unlimited sends!